About Us

Green Feild National College


Greenfield National College is in affiliation with Tribhuvan University and was established in 1998 A.D. It is only providing academic courses in Bachelor level. Greenfield National College is now running two courses but soon it is planning to add more Bachelor courses along with Masters and M.Phil related to available Bachelor courses. Faculty members are renowned professors around the nation which have dedicated their whole life in the education field. So, there is no doubt in the services of getting quality education.

Greenfield National College (GNC) is a confluence of experience and enthusiasm. Our founders and promoters are young intellectuals with passion and zest for academic excellence, and they are backed and guided by experienced academicians with enviably distinguished career in the educaiton field. This encounter of zeal and skill is focused upon making a significant mark not only by promoting excellent Humanities and Management Education, but also by instilling values, morals and spirituality in our young students.

Rather than focusing the students’ attention only on classroom activities and textbooks, we aim at giving them a broader outlook on their subject matter and life as a whole through interactive seminars conducted by experts of various fields.

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Library is available full of text books, reference books, journals and daily magazines.
  • Computer lab is well furnished, clean and upgraded with high functioning hardware and software. Internet facility is available within college area.
  • Greenfield National College organizes educational tours, picnic and annual programs.
  • Internal assessments, presentations and assignments is done on a regular basis to improve weaknesses in study.
  • Sports activities are available like basketball, football, cricket, table tennis and badminton.
  • Greenfield National College also enables students to take part in inter college competitions and rewards with certificate and medal which will further motivate to carry on.
  • Transportation is provided by college bus and canteen is also available which provides healthy and tasty snacks at affordable prices.
  • Greenfield National College has got peaceful and friendly environment.
  • Guest lecturers are invited to give motivational and course related speeches.
  • Workshops, discussion groups and seminars are done inside college premises which make students to involve more in study.

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