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Greenfield National College (GNC) was established in 2007 with the aim to add a new dimension in the higher education of Nepal as an affiliated college of Tribhuvan University. The college has been working to transplant an approach to deal with the higher education in the students. The approach is to relate the higher education closer to the lives of the people. The significance of education is counted when the skills and knowledge imparted to the students are applicable in daily lives.That is why we make our students learning from the society and from the people more than they learn from the curriculum and theories. Besides regular formal classes, students are exposed to the renowned scholars, artists, writers, entrepreneurs etc. and are facilitated to know the secrets of success. Similarly, the college offers non-credit courses on various project based programs.

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Dear Students, I would like to invite you to visit us and observe the teaching learning activities here. I believe that an educational institution is a place not only to gain knowledge but also to build character, enrich mind and gain experiences that can last a life time. It is a place where students are taught to ”Dare to Dream”. Greenfield National College is such an institution in which founders and promoters are young intellectuals with passion and zest for academic excellence, and they are backed and guided by experienced academicians with enviably distinguished career in the education field. This encounter of zeal and skill is focused upon making a significant mark not only by promoting excellent Humanities and Management education, but also by instilling values, morals and spirituality in our young students.

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